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 Floating Fish Ruler
The Floating Fish Ruler is a fish ruler created with the tournament angler in mind.  The Floating Fish Ruler was designed to be accurate, durable and to float.  Have you ever been racing to your tournament winning "hot spot" only to have your metal measuring board fly overboard in route?  Have you ever stepped on your metal board and cut your foot or bent it to the point of being unusable?  Has a fish ever flopped off your stick metal board while trying to measure it?  These are just a few of the downfalls of metal boards that will cause you to lose a tournament or even worse get a costly ticket.  If you have experienced any of these problems then the The Floating Fish Ruler should be your next measuring device.

  • This Fish Ruler floats like a bobber.
  • The Floating Fish Ruler proprietary blend of PVC and plastic makes is virtually indestructible.
  • User friendly design makes for easy storage and transportation.
  • Edges are smooth and rounded so nothing including your boat will get scratched or cut.
  • Accurate: Accuracy is all that truly matters in a fish ruler.
Patent Pending
Available in the following 2 sizes:
Never lose another fish ruler!
Great for Fresh & Salt Water Tournaments!

3.5" x 30" Fish Ruler - $35.99

3.5" x 36" Fish Ruler - $39.99

Allows less stressful measuring of fish by allowing fish to remain in water!